Walk Off Winners

Maybe I should write more posts about how the Phillies might be finished. Since my previous post, Are the Phillies Toast?, the Phillies have won three games in extra innings all in walk-off fashion.  Thursday night, they beat the Reds in 12 on a Brian Schneider home run.  Friday night, they staged a dramatic 9th inning rally to tie the game after being down 6 runs entering the inning.  Then Ryan Howard hit a walk-off, 2-run homer in the 10th.  Saturday night, the Phils nearly had a perfect game pitched against them by Cincinnati rookie Travis Wood.  Thankfully, Carlos Ruiz broke up the perfecto in the 9th inning.  The Phils then went on to score 1 run on a single by Jimmy Rollins in the 11th.  While the win might not have had the drama of the previous two nights, three straight extra inning victories is pretty dramatic.  It’s the first time the Phils have had three straight walk-offs in extra innings.  Roy Halladay pitched another gem and received another no decision.  He continues to be the victim of poor run support.  The Phillies need to score more runs when he pitches.  There is no reason a guy who gives up 0 runs through 9 innings shouldn’t get the W!

Even with this run of semi-miraculous wins, the Phillies haven’t been able to pick up games on the Braves (ok, they picked up a half game because the Braves didn’t play Thursday).  The Braves have won 4 games in a row, and the Phils still find themselves 5.5 games back with 1 game to play before the Break.  This might be the first time ever, but I hope the Mets win today’s game against the Braves.  If the Phillies can get a victory (cross your fingers) and the Mets win, they would be 4.5 back at the Break, certainly a gap they should be able to make up.


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