Soccer’s Sweet Sixteen

Soccer is much maligned in the Untied States for being too boring or too European.  Well, I have one sure-fire way to get American fans interested in soccer.  Combine a team that is poised for a run in the biggest tournament in the sport with a little bracketology.  Perhaps the American fan will understand this.  Below is the bracket for the knockout rounds of the World Cup, we have reached the Sweet Sixteen.  It’s worked for NCAA basketball, why not soccer.  Think of teams like Brazil, the Netherlands, Spain and Argentina as 1 seeds.  Think of the United States, South Korea, Slovakia and Japan as mid-major Cinderellas.

Download and have fun with July Jubilation (lame attempt at alliteration)

My Predictions for Soccer’s Sweet Sixteen:

The Netherlands


One response to “Soccer’s Sweet Sixteen

  1. Elmer,
    Just wanted to check in and let you know that I really like your blog. Pretty legit.

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