RIP Manute Bol

I just read, via a retweet that Manute Bol has passed away.  He was only 47!  He was a great humanitarian, one of my favorite basketball players, and I am pretty sure the only NBA player to ever kill a lion with a spear.  I will always have fond memories of his game against Phoenix where the 7’7” center rained threes on the Suns!  He had such a weird shot from long range.  I remember him grabbing the ball with both hands over his head and just chucking it at the rim.  Amazingly, he hit 6 threes in that game, easily the most he ever hit in one game. In addition to being a member of the Sixers during my pre-teen years, Bol played for the Bullets, Warriors and Heat.  He retired 2nd all-time in blocks per game.  More than his for his basketball skills, he should be remembered for the work he did in his native Sudan, helping refugees and speaking out against the genocide in Darfur.


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